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MS Marina Oceania

Red Ginger Restaurant

Red Ginger restaurant lightscene studio




Lighting design


Oceania Cruises



Built back in 2011 as the flagship of the Oceania Class, MS Marina has regained its luster through a complete refurbishment completed in 2024. The cruise has been plying the seas of the tropics for a decade now, offering patrons a sophisticated mix of exclusive restaurants and casual, elegant public areas.  

The Red Ginger restaurant is one of Marina's flagships. Originally conceived according to the principles of feng shui and designed to give diners a relaxing and peaceful dining experience, this large restaurant is lavishly decorated with ebony woods, ruby red leathers and modern Asian artwork. 

Shipshape took care of the lighting design part of the refurbishment, enhancing the fine finishes and bringing a breath of luxury and glitz to the entire lounge.


Shipshape is the lighting design studio formed by the collaboration between LightScene Studio and Gem Studio that handles all lighting projects in the naval industry. 

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