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Scarlet Lady

Virgin Cruise

scarlet lady lightscene studio






Scarlet Lady

Fincantieri, Ivela spa

Entire vessel


LightScene Studio

Scarlet Lady is the inaugural ship for the Virgin Cruise line, homeported at Miami and sailing in the season itinerary between the Caribbean and Mexican coasts.

With its 17 decks and 278 meters length Scarlet Lady is the first adults-only cruise, conceived and designed to offer an exclusive, distinctive and luxurious feeling nostalgia to the travellers. Custom-designed for adult passengers, Scarlet Lady features multiple entertainment venues and a bunch of fancy restaurants with different style of cooking.

Plus, the ship uses a technology to convert organic waste into clean energy and install some units to convert the carbon dioxide generated into electricity.  


LightScene Studio worked together with a clos-knit team of architects and designer, taking care of the lighting engineering part of the entire vessel, starting from the logo funnel up to the public areas.  ​ ​

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