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lighting design lightscene studio
lighting design

Lighting concept

Drawing a lighting scene is our main task, we sketch client’s idea in a preliminary phase. Finding a way to tell a story with light is our greatest gratification.



We assist the design team in all the mockup phases: from shopdrawings to the final supervision. Our duty is to compile all the mockup booklets, attend the simulations by collaborating with customers, architects and suppliers and evaluate the real impact of light on the project.



As much as we provide lighting calculations we also check technically that the whole design falls within the regulations. We develop the project in accordance with current regulations, using the most advanced software and tools.


Flexibility in design

Our projects are designed to ensure flexibility and change themselves according to the architecture that hosts them. A space does not always require a unique lighting project, for this reason we believe that flexibility in the project is a sustainability value.


Executive lighting design

We provide a complete detailed design that adapts technically and architecturally to the project intent. We follow the project in every phase, paying particular attention to the relationship of light with the materials involved in the project. The result is a series of drawings that include all the information necessary for the construction of a light scene.

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