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Outdoor façade

Via Metastasio, 3 - Milan

Outdoor facade lightscene studio




Lighting design

Outdoor Façade



LightScene Studio

Located in via Metastasio, in an extremely central position near the Cadorna station crossroads and a stone's throw from some of Milan's main landmarks (Castello Sforzesco, Arco della Pace), this private building is an admirable example of Milanese Art Nouveau style.

In an area of heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic such as this one, it is often difficult to spot a building even in the darkest hours, which is why the client required lighting that would make the building stand out and invite passers-by to linger.


LightScene Studio was responsible for a lighting design that would enhance the texture of the façade and emphasise the string-course cornices, all while respecting the original architecture. Few luminaires, integrated as far as possible into the folds of the building and meticulously arranged to create a kind of theatrical backdrop in the heart of Milan. 

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